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Grade 8 French
7C French
BLAST Room 24

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Welcome Back to an exciting year for 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break!

Please see B.L.A.S.T. 24 for up-coming important dates and information specific to Bruce.

Vive le français!  We do all kinds of fun activities to make learning French meaningful and enjoyable! Differentiated Instruction is a priority to ensure success for all learners!
On chante!! On écoute!! On danse!! On travaille en groupes!! On utilise de la téchnologie!!
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11907_111709_0.jpgIf you forgot what we have for homework... check it out under the 'devoirs' heading!

Extra help: any day during the lunch hour, just come and see me if you need help

Links for fun and practice
Make extra practice fun by checking out all the great links within this site!  Master grammar concepts and communication! Experience French culture!

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