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Math- Grade 4/5- Students have been working on decimals and fractions. They have been representing decimals using money as well as relatin.g decimals to fractions. Grade 4 students have been working on place value to hundredths, while Grade 5 students are working up to thousandths. At home, you can have you child represent decimals using money as well as add and subtract money.

L.A. - Students are doing regular journal writing and are being exposed to various forms of writing. Students are working on their next steps in writing, adding more descriptive language and details into their stories. During Guided reading groups, student enter into deep, meaningful discusses to gain a greater understanding of the text they are reading. At home, students can do their daily home reading, stopping to ask questions or for clarification when needed. They can also keep a daily writing journal or help with different writing jobs (ex- birthday cards, grocery list etc.)

Science- In Science, we will begin working on our Weather unit. Students will use appropriate vocabuary while investigating weather from a variety of sources. They will also look at the accuracy of predicting weather forecasts. At home, you can watch weather forecasts on the news or on a website or app.

Social Studies- In Social Studies, we continue to learn about the history of Canada. We will be focusing on the reasons the French came to Canada and the impact they had on our nation. Students have been learning about various explorers and acting scenes out from Canada's past. At home, you can discuss the reasons why you're family immigrated to Canada or why you choose to continue to live here.

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