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6110_100207_0.png   Summer School 2010
InForm Net, an online Interactive Educational Program offered by the Pembina Trails and St. James-Assiniboia School Divisions, will be offering an online summer school program for the eleventh consecutive year.

The online summer school program is open to all students in Manitoba who have not successfully completed a particular course(s) during the regular academic year or wish to improve their passing grade. Students may register online at They may also register by mail or fax. (See contact information below). All fees must be paid by the first day of classes.

The Course Fee is $200. This fee is payable to InForm Net. Fees for all courses are due the first day of class. Refunds will not be given after the third day of class.  

Why Online Summer School?
  • Summer school may not be available in your local area.
  • Summer employment may not be possible with structured summer school hours.
  • Online summer school can be accessed from cottages or vacation areas throughout the world.
The 2010 Online Summer School Courses are:

Grade 9 Courses
Grade 11 Courses
Gr. 9 ELA 10F
Gr. 9 Math 10F
Gr. 9 Science 10F
Gr. 9 Social Studies 10G
Gr. 11 ELA Transactional Focus 30S
Gr. 11 ELA Comprehensive Focus 30S
Gr. 11 History 30S
Gr. 11 Applied Math 30S
Gr. 11 Pre-Calculus Math 30S
Gr. 11 Consumer Math 30S
Gr. 11 Biology 30S
Gr. 11 Chemistry 30S
Gr. 11 Physics 30S
Gr. 11 Physical Education 30F

Grade 10 Courses
Grade 12 Courses
Gr. 10 Applied Math 20S
Gr. 10 Pre-Calculus Math 20S
Gr. 10 Consumer Math 20S
Gr. 10 ELA 20F
Gr. 10 Science 20F
Gr. 10 Geography 20G
Gr. 12 ELA Transactional Focus 40S
Gr. 12 ELA Comprehensive Focus 40S
Gr. 12 Applied Math 40S
Gr. 12 Pre-Calculus Math 40S
Gr. 12 Consumer Math 40S
Gr. 12 Biology 40S
Gr. 12 Chemistry 40S
Gr. 12 Physics 40S
Gr. 12 Physical Education 40F
Gr. 12 World Issues 40S

InForm Net Summer School is Manitoba's only Summer School Program offered via the Internet.
  • InForm Net students will receive 45 hours of instruction during the month of July.
  • All online courses have a teacher, who works with the students each day.
  • Students only require access to a computer and the Internet.
  • Students may access course materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Students have 31 days to complete their courses.
  • Courses run from July 1st until July 31st.   All related course work must be completed by July 31st.
InformNet Summer School Registration
181 Henlow Bay
Winnipeg, MB
R3Y 1M7

Phone: 204.795-2608   FAX: 204.489.6149

 Last Modified: 22 February,2013