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Speech Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathologists are professionals educated in the study of human communication, its development, and its disorders.  By evaluating a student's speech, language and communication skills, the Speech-Language Pathologist is able to determine what difficulties exist and the best way to support them.  Communication skills are essential for learning, social interaction and academic success.  

Common communication disorders in the school-age population include:

Language Delay/Disorder:  Impairment in the ability to understand and/or use language to communicate in any of the following areas: vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and pragmatics (social use of language)

Articulation Delay/Disorder:  Impairment in the development and use of speech sounds characterized by speech sound substitution errors, deletions, and distortions (i.e., lisp)

Stuttering:  Disruptions in the ability to speak fluently characterized by speech sound repetitions, word repetitions, prolongations of sounds and abnormal hesitations or pauses.

Voice Disorders:  Impairments in vocal quality, pitch and loudness.

Within the St. James-Assiniboia School Division, Speech-Language Pathologists provide:
      Screening :  To identify a need for further assessment and/or intervention.

Assessment:  To identify and describe communication disorders.

Intervention:  To facilitate the development of speech, language and communication skills.  Intervention may involve; individual/group therapy, classroom-based intervention, development of augmentative/alternative communication systems and consultation/collaboration with schools teams, parents and/or outside agencies.

Inservicing:  To educate parents, teachers, educational assistants and other school professionals in the area of communication disorders.

 Last Modified: 25 January,2017