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The Physiotherapist is a professional with expertise in the assessment and provision of programming for students with physical challenges.  The objective of the Physiotherapy program is to assist students to achieve optimal function and independence in the school environment.

E.S.S. Physiotherapy provides:

Support to school personnel
Evaluation of the physical, functional, and developmental status of students
Collaboration with school teams and parents to assess both the student and the school environment
Direct or consultative service aimed at maximizing the independence of students within their environment

Intervention may include:

Assessment of physical abilities, including basic and advanced gross motor skills, mobility, functional skills, physical environment, and equipment needs of students
Instruction to school personnel in therapeutic activities, positioning, seating, lifting and transferring techniques, and use of specialized equipment
Consultation with school staff regarding all aspects of a student's physical function at school
Liaison with school teams, parents, medical or clinical services, and service agencies in the community

Physiotherapy referrals for students can be made by teachers, principals, physicians, community agencies, other clinicians and students.

 Last Modified: 8 January,2017