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Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist is a health care professional with expertise in assessing the foundational skills (fine-motor/sensory/cognitive/perceptual/social/emotional) needed in all daily living tasks.

The E.S.S.Occupational Therapist provides the following services:

Assessment and consultation - to address individual student needs in his/her learning environment
Collaboration and Linkage - the Occupational Therapist works with the student and the school teams.  The Occupational Therapist may also connect students to other community programs such as MATC - Neuro Development Clinic and Feeding Clinics.
Educational Services - parents, teachers and support personnel all benefit from the various sessions and/or inservices provided by occupational therapy.  This may include background theory and knowledge on sensory processing and/or fine-motor skill development

Intervention may include:

Providing adaptive equipment, developing a specialized program to assist with fine motor or printing and writing skill development and/or aiding students in accessing and participating in their learning
Collaboration with the school team, parents and other medical or clinical services for programming and equipment needs.

 Last Modified: 11 January,2017