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Family Access

The Family Access Program is one of the supports and resources the St. James-Assiniboia School Division has in place to assist students staying in school and achieving academic success.  The program is staffed with a Family Access Facilitator.  Services from the program target all grade levels from early years to senior years with the overall goal of supporting students to stay in school and maximize their academic potential.  Referrals to the program are made from school administrators with attendance concerns as the main criterion.

The Family Access Program provides services such as:
  • Assisting with increasing communication and building a positive relationship between home and school.
  • Consulting with school teams and families to implement therapeutic supports and academic planning.
  • Collaborating with community agencies and professionals.
  • Providing day to day practical support to students and families as well as referrals to community agencies for more comprehensive assistance.
As an extension of support to the Family Access Program and Jameswood Alternative School is a Learning to Age 18 support teacher.  The Learning to Age 18 Support Teacher provides support to students (ages 15-18) who have shown to be truant and disconnected from the educational process.
The Objectives of Learning to Age 18 Support Initiative include:
  • Re-engage students in school
  • Provide life skills training
  • Connect with parents of students who are not currently attending school
  • Provide employment readiness
  • Track students who have been identified as not attending
  • Monitor student progress and success
  • Connect with assigned teacher contact person at schools
  • Evaluate effective strategies for future planning
Referral Process
1.      Students are identified absent/truant by Case Manager/Principal.
2.      A Referral to Family Access is made.
3.      Family Access will refer to Learning to Age 18 Support Teacher.
4.      Learning to Age 18 Support Teacher will liaise with school based contact to set goals and implement plan to support the student.  

 Last Modified: 16 January,2017