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Hedges September copy.jpgGreat Schools for Growing and Learning

The St. James-Assiniboia School Division is a progressive school division located on the Assiniboine River in west Winnipeg. Our 26 schools, including one in the community of Headingley, represent the interests of children from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

We are committed to educational programs in which children can develop their natural capabilities to their fullest extent, building upon personal strengths and the richness of our area’s culturally diverse population. Our schools and educators work with community stakeholders collaboratively to meet the needs of children in programs founded in academic rigor, but dealing with the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social needs of students.

Our schools and grounds are safe, attractive and are kept in good repair. Transportation is available for resident Kindergarten to grade six students who live more than one kilometer from their designated school. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to view a map of the school division.

School Division Map

School Locator

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School Profiles

Click on an underlined link below to visit the school's home page (* denotes French Immersion program).

Early Years Schools
175 Winston Rd., R3J 1N1
K-5, Principal: Sandra Melo

110 Athlone Dr., R3J 3L4
K-5, Principal: Jonathan Baker

363 Thompson Dr., R3J 3E5
K-5, Principal: Roné Boyko  

1950 Pacific Ave., R2R 0G4
K-5, Principal: Rex Ferguson-Baird

815 Buchanan Blvd., R2Y 1N1
K-5, Principal: Henrietta Hoch

333 Morgan Cres., R2Y 0C9
K-5, Principal: Jenness Moffatt

47 Heritage Blvd., R2Y 0N9
K-5, Principal: Neil Moffatt

55 Kay Cres., R2Y 1L1
K-5, Principal: Lisa White

266 Linwood St., R3J 2C6
K-5, Principal: Kelsey McDonald

111 Alboro St., Headingley, R4J 1A3
K-5, Principal: Linda Daniels

130 Browning Blvd., R3K 0L8
K-5, Principal: Manuel Gomes

181 Sansome Ave., R3K 0N8
K-5, Principal: Kyle Lizotte

1777 Silver Ave., R3J 1B1
K-5, Principal: Jane Couch

339 Strathmillan Rd., R3J 2V6
K-5, Principal: Heather Palmer
37 Voyageur Ave., R2Y 0H7
K-5, Principal: Sandra Lazar
Middle Years Schools            

333 Booth Dr., R3J 3M8
6-8, Principal: Walt Lipinski

190 Ferry Road, R3J 1V7
6-8, Principal: George Valentim

330 Bruce Ave., R3J 0V8
6-8, Principal: Dan Kalynchuk

369 Fairlane Ave., R2Y 0B6
6-8, Principal: Tammy Baydock   

3180 McBey Ave., R3K 0T7
6-8, Principal:Patrick Betz

3300 Ness Ave., R2Y 0G6
6-8, Principal: Jordana Buckwold

Senior Years Schools            

470 Hamilton Ave., R2Y 0H4
Sr.1-Sr.4, Principal: Scott Lockhart

1900 Portage Ave., R3J 0J1
Sr.1-Sr.4, Principal: Lorelei Steffler

2665 Ness Ave.  R3J 1A5
Sr.1-Sr.4, Principal: Ron Pelletier

360 Rouge Rd., R3K1K3
Sr.1-Sr. Principal: Kevin Dueck

1 Braintree Cres.  R3J 1C7
Sr.1-Sr.4, Principal: Ryan Miller

 Last Modified: 28 April,2017