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InForM Net
Manitoba's Largest Online Classroom  

The St. James-Assiniboia School Division is an active partner in InForM Net, Manitoba’s Largest Online Classroom. To download a Student Information Package and to register, go

InForM Net is an Internet based alternative instructional environment where students participate in online learning experiences to achieve credits in high school courses approved by Manitoba Education and Training.

Students enrolled in InForm Net will be provided with daily instruction, assignments and evaluation through regular E-mail and web-based interaction with their instructors.

Who is InForM Net For?

InForM Net provides options and opportunities for learners in many situations who cannot attend regular classes in a school setting.

How Does InForM Net Work?

Any working environment includes a series of involved and shared responsibilities. Students, teachers, parents and administrators all have specified roles within the online learning community.

What Resources are Available?

Students have access to all printed material, videos, and computer software available through their local schools, Manitoba Education and Training and InForM Net.

Students will also have access to their teacher and other teachers at InForM Net.

How Are InForM Net Students Evaluated?

InForM Net is an online learning experience. In most ways students are evaluated using the same procedures as the regular program. This includes traditional methods such as tests and projects. Evaluation is also based on formal learning demonstrations. Tests and projects are sent via the Web Site or through E-mail. Courses, with mid-course and, or final exams would be written at a mutually agreed upon location. Provincial testing and standards exams are written as per the regulations of Manitoba Education and Training.

 Last Modified: 28 April,2017