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International Student Program Student Comments
Here are testimonials from some of our past  ISP students:
"Being part of the program was great! My English has improved...and the most important, I've learned how to feel comfortable living in a different culture. I even felt I was a true Canadian sometimes! I really think that there are 'two Rodrigos': The one before the program, and the one after it. I know now what the terms responsibility and friendship mean; and they mean a lot to me today!"
        Rodrigo—São Paulo, Brazil
"I can affirm that being an exchange student was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was a one time experience and I am sure it made me grow and I met lots of friends that will last for my entire life. And my host family could not be better, they were amazing. I will never regret(sic)".
        Tainá—Santos, Brazil
“Deciding to come to St. James Assiniboia was definitely the best decision I ever made. All the incredible experiences I had in Winnipeg, I shall always keep in my heart. Friends, host family, Karen, Jack, and of course, my forever school, Westwood~Keep it real. My truly #2 home J. Peace”
        Darren—Taipei, Taiwan
“Winnipeg is one of the nicest cities in Canada. They have nice houses, nice food, nice Canadians, great skating, great hockey and so on… You will never guess all that they have!”
        Tony—Gunsan, Korea


 Last Modified: 27 April,2016