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Attending School in the St. James-Assiniboia School Division

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The Division's programs are diverse and flexible enough to meet a student's individual academic requirements.
• Academic Certificate
• Advanced Academic Certificate
• International Baccalaureate Diploma and Certificates
• Advanced Placement Certificates
• French Immersion Diploma
• Technology Education Diploma

To complement our excellent general studies, St. James-Assiniboia offers an extensive range of optional specialized studies, including: Computer Science, Computer Applications, English, Geography, History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, French, Spanish, German, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama/Theatre Arts, Choral Music, Band, Business Education, Home Economics, Technology, Advanced Mathematics, Pre-engineering Technology, and Social Sciences.

The International Student Program began in 1998-99 with 9 students. We now have over 80 students from 7 countries in our Program (Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Germany), who came to Canada to learn English and to have a Canadian cultural experience. English is the language of commerce and the students' parents want their children to have every opportunity to do well professionally. Our students have the opportunity to meet students from other cultures and to develop friendships with them. They are exposed to new ideas and to different ways of doing things. Many incredibly strong friendships and relationships have developed between families in St.James and the International students. Most of our students live with homestay families so that they can experience Canadian culture and family life at its best, as well as become immersed in the English language. Some students live with relatives while others live with their parents who move to St. James-Assiniboia while their child (children) attend our schools.

Our International Student Program is designed to meet the needs of students with above average achievements and creative talents. The Division offers superior learning opportunities through required subjects and electives. A remarkably high percentage of its students go on to enter and to excel in universities worldwide. St. James-Assiniboia is recognized as an outstanding training ground for post-secondary education.

As a crucial element of the International Student Program, international students are integrated into classroom settings with local students, allowing for a quality cross-cultural academic experience. The Division offers the support and supervision international students need to make the necessary adjustments. A qualified counsellor monitors each student's academic progress, offers support and guidance whenever necessary, and forwards monthly reports to each international student's parents. The Division's ESL programs, available at each school level, are indispensable parts of the educational process.

If you would like more information on the International Student Program Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada please contact:

Ms. K. Strobel, Director, International Student Program
St. James-Assiniboia School Division
470 Hamilton Avenue,  Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2Y 0H4
Telephone: 1-204-837-1331   Fax: 1-204-888-0945    

 Last Modified: 27 April,2016